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Monday, September 19, 2005

Are we going too far?

Outpouring of funds for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Just yesterday on the news, I learn that apparently some of these Red Cross funds (which, by the way, were donated) were spent on lap dances.

Can I just say, what a slap in the face to every good person who donated their hard-earned money to this fund.

Another story yesterday - Idiot woman "opens her home" to a "poor evacuee family". Said Idiot is then shocked that said evacuees then ransack her home and steal everything from her...from her tv, to her playstation, to her clothes, to her clothes dryer.

Now, tonight on the local news, evacuee woman is stunned to learn that she is expected to pay rent to her new apartment complex! GASP! Pay rent? The very idea....Didn't that evil Apartment manager realize that as a perpetual victim, they shouldn't ever be required to pay rent again? Well...I never...


I knew it'd come soon.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Important things...

Anyone who sees this...

Please pray for my friend. She found out today her beloved husband has a brain tumor and it seems to have spread from his lungs to his brain.

This is a fine lady and her husband is an upstanding European man. The world needs more people like these two in the world.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Celebs are Idiots

I am so discusted at Celebrity Hollywood using Hurricane Katrina & it's devistating aftermath as a platform for self promotion.

Yesterday, I see Oprah Winfrey (of whom I am NOT a fan, by the way) flying into New Orleans, insisting on going inside of the Superdome. The Mayor (doesn't he have better things to do than escort Miss Ope around?!) escorting her and telling her "don't go in there". The National Guard is telling her "don't go in there!" Oh Miss Ope insists. So therefore, about 20 National Guardsmen are called OFF duty from what they WERE doing to escort Miss Ope and the Mayor into the Superdome.
Then, a little later, Miss Ope commendeers a Blackhawk Helicopter complete with a few National Guards and (again) the weeping Mayor so that Her Majesty may see the city from the air (she said it's the best way to view the devistation).

Now...what came to my mind was...How much did Opes' little stunt cost John Q Taxpayer and I wonder...could that manpower and could those resources have been better used at such an overloaded time?

That little act was nothing more than good drama for her Worship Service aka TV Show.

My question is:
If all these celebs wanted was to help, why do they have their entourages and photographers with them (Sean Penn comes to mind).

Self-promotion. Publicity.

Then what we all fear will happen, does happen.

They open their mouths.

Celebrities? SHUT UP and write a CHECK.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tell me Lies...

Want to be Liberated from the "liberal media"?

Check this out:


And Dallas has doubled...


Now don't misunderstand...I have wept for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Noone should have to have suffered the deplorable conditions that these humans did.


I am TIRED of people blaming President Bush....Hello? State and Local Government? IMO the mistake Bush made was not yanking control sooner when it was painfully obvious that the Idiots In Charge were incapeable.

Now we in the DFW metroplex are blessed with the dregs of society moving into our space. Oh Joy. Why didn't these morons leave before the hurricane hit? I know, I know, "they're poor" ... "they didn't have a vehicle" blah blah blah. Let me tell you I would have moved HEAVEN AND EARTH to get myself and my loved ones outta there. THERE WAS A CATAGORY 5 HURRICANE A'COMIN'!!! Well regardless, they did not. I cannot believe that over 300,000 did not have the means of leaving N'Owlans. Bufum. Load of crap.
So now we have these people here in my backyard.
People who would not even step outside the Superdome to urinate or deficate. People who allowed children and women and elderly to be raped and robbed. People who, during a flood, took TV's and new clothes and jewelry rather than focus on food and drink. People who didn't have the sense God gave a donut to get the hell outta Dodge with a hurricane barreling toward them! People who's primary religions include Voodoo, Wicca, and other occult activities. People who boast one of the highest crime rates in the United States.

Oh Yay. How will I ever contain my joy?

Well with all the handouts...and I'm not talking about the basics of food, shelter, water, and clothing, I'm talking about jobs on a silver platter, NEW homes RENT FREE for MONTHS, Apartments rent free for MONTHS, vehicles, free public transportation...well SURE THANG they are a'stayin' in "hospitable Dallas". Nevermind the fact that if MY child needs a hospital bed or MY husband (god forbid) needs a job (he has a good one, btw, I am speaking 'what if") there are not any available beds in the hospitals AND all the jobs are being "handed" (LITERALLY) to these displaced refugees. Screw the citizens here and what their needs may be. These people are never going to leave. On the news they happily proclaim "Dallas is mah New Home! Ah Ain't a nevah leavin'!" One of these morons actually NAMED their new baby Dallas. Thank god they didn't get relocated to Intercourse, Pennsylvania, huh?

Now ...picture this....

Six months have passed.

All these well wishers who have generously opened their homes to these people STILL have them living wall to wall in their homes, eating their food, watching their tvs, using their showers, etc.

We are going to have a backlash the likes of which has never been seen. Getting these people OUT of these generous folks' houses is going to be a nightmare. Getting these people to pay rent is going to be a joke. Getting these people to work an honest day for their wages is going to be a battle.

What is going to happen when the generosity runs out?

Riots in the streets, that's what.
Robbery, that's what.
You think there was looting in Louisiana? Oh that will be small-scale compared to what Texans have opened themselves up for now.

My sympathies to these victims.

No, I don't think EVERY one of these people will take advantage. But, we are talking about over 300,000 who, didn't have the sense to LEAVE, even AFTER President Bush declared a state of emergency.

I'll write a check to the Red Cross. Have already. Will I open my home to these folks? Uh, not a chance.

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